You Never Fail If You Never Quit

I remember having to climb hundreds of steps on my hike to see the beautiful waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. The entire ‘Trail of Ten Falls’ loop takes you above, behind and around ten stunning waterfalls.

My legs were sore for days, but it was so worth it. That is just a small  example of what life often requires of us. Don’t miss out on some of the best experiences in life because it’s too hard to get there. The neat thing about that long climb was I enjoyed the view at every level. I stopped to take amazing pictures along the way and there was a new discovery at every corner.

It’s your choice.

You can stay on the road to nowhere or you can commit to taking the long road. The long road of unfamiliar territory that will test you, bend you and shape you. Celebrate, even if you can’t see what’s around the bend, because with every step you take you get closer to your destination.

You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit.

Never give up.

No matter how long it takes. Just because the path is difficult, we can’t avoid the path altogether. If you truly want anything to change in your life you have to do the work and stay the course. Nothing will change if you won’t change. Some of my best experiences in life required a long narrow and winding path. And at times, buckets of Band-Aids!

I believe many people choose the course that looks the best, without any thought of where it leads. Thomas Merton said it best when he said,

People may spend their whole lives climbing the ladder of success only to find, once they reach the top, that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.

This is the perfect example of what I’m trying to say here. If we want a specific result, we need to look at the desired result and work backwards.  Choose the wall, before you start climbing the ladder.

You Decide. This is your life.

If you know in your heart you are doing the right thing, you are on the right path – no matter how difficult or how long it takes  – it’s a lot easier to have patience with the process, and enjoy the journey.

If you know in your heart you aren’t on the right path, it’s not too late to turn it around and reroute your life so you are back on track.

Celebrate your trials.

Celebrate your progress, no matter how slow or difficult, not because of where you ARE – but because of where you’re GOING.

Never. Ever. Give. Up!

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