I have learned many great lessons from the master teacher called Life, but even still  I need a reminder to live for today. Here are five things that keep me in the moment.

1. There’s always time for what’s important—what matters most.

2. I am capable of more—stretching outside my comfort zone. When my thoughts go to “you can’t,” I stop and reexamine the thought. Fear, most likely has the loudest voice—if—I allow myself to hear and believe it.

3. Today is a special occasion. I’m using the china and crystal when I set the table. The scratches and chips are just a reminder of the memories made. I’m no longer focused on tangible things that I seldom touch. I care less about the actually material stuff and more about the love and lives that touch me.

4. You can make a habit of gratitude. Every day I say, “thank you” to remember how appreciative I am of everything that, and everyone who, brings me joy.

5. We are not alone. We are all connected through the stories we share.

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