Having a strong sense of purpose could add years to your life. According to a recent study published in Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, people who felt that their lives had meaning and that they had value to others were at a lower risk for heart disease. Among the common traits of people with a strong sense of purpose are vitality, motivation and resilience. The study helps open the door to new ways to promote health and well being.

“Dare to dream and find your purpose.”

Have you ever noticed how easily children dream? Innocent dreams – no baggage, no scars, no traumas. Then, for some reason as we become adults, our dreams and belief in ourselves declines   and can leave us with a dim flame and deep unfulfillment.

You may be telling yourself “but I’m too young, or too old” or have “too much responsibility” right now to dream. Maybe in my next life!

Ordinary people can make a decision in the moment to be extraordinary. Extraordinary is on the other side of discomfort, of fear – next to knees knocking nervous. Sometimes we hold ourselves back from the very things we want to find most . . . often because we fear how it will change us. By the means that you were born – you are meant to inspire others in your own unique way.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Most people would answer that question with “my alarm?” What if the answer to that question is “because I have a burning passion to change the world!” If you do not have a burning passion to fulfill your purpose at work, then you are just punching a time card. Nothing wrong with that, you just won’t be jumping out of bed in the morning, unless it’s the weekend! Having a clear idea of your life purpose keeps you motivated, focused and able to tap into a pool of energy when you need to face challenges because you understand the why behind the events in your life.

So how do we discover our passion? How do we gain perspective over the why in life? This simple four-step plan can help you find your life purpose and ignite your spirit –

  1. What do you enjoy doing? Why did you stop doing them? Usually people are happiest when doing something that causes joy. Take a moment to write down what you really enjoy doing.
  1. What abilities were you born with? Each of us was born with a certain set of skills. What gifts do you have that could contribute to society?  We always do better work when working within our strengths. When you’re thinking, “there are too many people chasing the same dream. What makes me so special?” Tell yourself, “this has everything to do with believing in what I have to offer to others.” Serving others could be starting a small business and bringing value to the marketplace and employing people. Serving others could be giving your employer a full days work.
  1. What kind of personality do you have? The thing about personalities is they are personal! You are not the same as the person next to you. And that is a great thing – you are uniquely you. Be yourself. If your personality is introverted, stop trying to be a salesman. If your personality is extroverted, get out from behind the desk! You will be miserable. Where would your personality fit best? I’m not advocating you just up and drop your current life, patience will be needed – but the point is, you “can” do it. How can you transition your life that direction? Life is supposed to be about no regrets – don’t end up regretting the things you never did. If you have a desire, put it to work and start planning. 
  1. Never Give Up. In business and life you must have a never give up mentality. Every successful person who ever lived and achieved anything had many opportunities to quit. Don’t pay attention to the naysayers . . . they’re dealing with the same insecurities you are. Only the people with confidence, passion, drive and more confidence are going to make it.

If you have a dream and you really want to do it, but you are telling yourself you will not be successful because it’s already being done – SO WHAT! No one can do what you do in the way that you will do it – so do it. Comparison is the thief of joy. And when you compare yourself to another person, you will always come in last. You are not them – they are not you. Like your fingerprint, there is no one like you.

Choose to believe in yourself and never give up.

Finding your life purpose starts with discovering what captivates your heart. Dare to dream and then do it!

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