The flowers are in bloom. Now, it’s your turn.

Take a hike.

Hiking provides physical and mental benefits.  Spending time exploring the natural world lowers our cortisol levels and increases our feel good hormones.

Drink more water.

Start drinking 8 cups of water each day.  If you have a medium to large bottle, this should amount to four total refills. Drinking plenty of water removes toxins from the body, and can actually help control your weight.


It’s time for some spring cleaning! shared “10 Ways to Unclutter Your Life”. Professional organizers advise, “Everything you own should have value, either because it’s functional or beautiful or you just love it.” Clear out your desk, home and car to invite fresh energy to return.  We don’t have to become minimalists to benefit from clearing out our material belongings.  

Pay It Forward

The next time that you are buying your morning coffee or eating at a restaurant you love, consider giving a coffee or meal anonymously to the next patron. There is no need for recognition; knowing in your heart that you made someone’s day just a tiny bit brighter is reward enough.  

Get a fresh do.

Getting a new hair cut can not only be good for making you look neat and tidy, but can give you a fresh start on Spring.  Sometimes changing something as simple as your hairstyle can give you a positive outlook.


This spring by taking some time to get some extra exercise, changing your sleep habits, watching your snacking choices, and adjusting your goals, this year’s daylight savings time can be a time for positive change for you! 

Making a few changes in your life can give you a better outlook this Spring and positively impact your health.


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