I have learned many great lessons from the master teacher called Life, but even still I need a reminder to live for today. Here are five things that keep me in the moment.

1. There’s always time for what’s important—what matters most. What we do with each hour is up to us. We always say, “I don’t have enough time.” I believe that we always have enough time for who and what is important to us. We all have this chance, right now, to exercise our power of choice.

2. I am capable of more—stretching outside my comfort zone. When my thoughts go to “you can’t,” I stop and reexamine the thought. Fear, most likely has the loudest voice—if—I allow myself to hear and believe it.

3. Today is a special occasion. I’m using the china and crystal when I set the table. The scratches and chips are just a reminder of the memories made. I’m no longer focused on tangible things that I seldom touch. I care less about the material stuff and more about the love and lives that touch me.
4. You can make a habit of gratitude. Every day I say, “thank you” to remember how appreciative I am of everything that, and everyone who, brings me joy. Whether it’s writing in a gratitude journal, sending out a thankful note, or saying, “thank you” to people, there are countless ways to express appreciation and thankfulness.

5. We are not alone. We are all connected through our stories we share. Your experience matters more than you know, and sharing it could create the permission someone else needs to do the same. It’s that sharing of yourself that lets us all feel more connected.

These are my five things today. What keeps you in the moment? I would love to hear from you.

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