3 Month Coaching Experience

Be. More. 3 Month Coaching Experience


The BE. MORE. Experience includes bi-weekly personalized coaching calls, followed with lessons based on your specific goals. Every lesson is filled with action steps for you to take in order to move your life in the direction that you desire. Each call and lesson will guide you, and when you show up each week, you can expect that the most amazing, life-changing experiences will happen:

  • Deepen your relationship with yourself and others
  • Find clarity on your purpose in life
  • Advance in your current career or change your career
  • Replace thoughts of fear and anxiety with love and gratitude
  • Create a better life for yourself
  • Discover the true meaning of happiness in your life

You will also receive on-going email support and have lifetime access to the Members Only Coaching Community on Facebook. There you will find additional resources to keep you inspired and help you change your life:

  • Audio Downloads
  • Video Downloads
  • Business and Professional Development Articles
  • Motivational Image Downloads
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