Rewriting and reframing the words I said to myself and about myself has been one of the biggest ‘ah-ha’ breakthroughs in overcoming my fears and has led to my success in business and life.

Bonnie SpeakingWords are powerful.

Negative thoughts can easily become a false personal truth. I literally had to stop fear in its tracks and tell myself, “I’m not a failure. This is an opportunity to learn new things and to grow. There is a better way and I will find it.” Over time and with practice this way of thinking becomes second nature. Reframing failure into a valuable learning experience changes everything. Trust me on this.

Experience Maker

I am a motivational speaker, coach and author delivering exceptional life-changing experiences. Through the use of my voice, music and video, I engage and captivate audiences of every age group.

Attendees describe having a feeling of timelessness, of being lost in the moment and feeling almost as if they were actually a part of the presentation. Many times they are. This sense of engagement is associated with positive feelings such as happiness and fulfillment and is beneficial to broadening our thinking.

I open people’s imaginations to see possibilities . . . to realize something they hadn’t realized before.
I create an experience that allows them to feel.

I encourage and inspire others to:

  • Make sense of their lives and the impact they have on others.
  • Own their signature core values and strengths.
  • Bring more joy and happiness into their lives and the workplace.
  • Focus their energies and maximize their performance potential to achieve personal excellence and business success.
  • Laugh often and have more fun!
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