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Dedicated to the Cup: Nine Ways to Reinvent a Life!

A collection of inspirational stories from people who have prevailed through life’s challenges and setbacks, will motivate, and inspire you with lessons learned from real-life experiences of building resilience, managing change and uncertainty, and persevering through adversity.

“Life is like a good cup of coffee, full of flavor and meant to savor.”

BEEN THERE, From Stuck to Unstoppable

Regardless of all the unique life experiences this activity guidebook will engage and empower youth, service providers and others to see beyond the limitations and self-imposed limitations and labels to realize they have the power to change the words and stories they tell about themselves to achieve meaningful success.

“When we change our stories (our beliefs about our self, our past and our present) we set the wheels in motion to change our life.”

BEEN THERE Youth Curriculum Packages

BEEN THERE: From Stuck To Unstoppable

BEEN THERE | From Stuck to Unstoppable

A companion, take me with you book and a workbook with built in pages for reflection and action steps.

The Program

Facilitators Curriculum, PowerPoint Curriculum Outline, Inspiration Cards, Tips and more! Group awareness activities reinforce each lesson and invites a shift in thinking, specifically in the areas of interpersonal skills, the ability to manage and control emotions, communication skills, adapdability, knowing your worth and problem solving.

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