AmazingYOU 2020 • Virtual LIVE Event


AmazingYOU Women’s Conference, a full-day of empowerment for the professional and personal growth of women.                                     

We all​ want to live life vibrantly and share our gifts with the world. To do that, we need to ​feel supported and reminded that we are not alone and that each of us is integral to something bigger than ourselves.

The problem is that, as women, we get ​so busy​ trying to please others that we forget! We lose track of ourselves and end up feeling frantic, depleted, and off-course in our own lives.

The AmazingYOU Conference is based on the belief that everything you need to awaken to your own greatness ​is already inside of you. ​We believe that you have a story that is beautiful, unique, and worthy of being shared. And, after 7 years running, ​this belief is what drives us​ to continue to provide a platform of clarity, resilience, and empowerment for every AMAZING woman who attends.

Joining our tribe is easy:
1. BUY your ticket!
2. GET to the Conference in the comfort of your own home or office!
3. Be Inspired by the fear-melting, raw-stories of truth that will wake you up to the AMAZING story that’s within ​you.

All the Storytellers featured in this event have effectuated change in extraordinary ways, and they’ll share the mindsets and the tools it took for them to do it.


Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.


When you attend the conference, you’ll learn how to; stop trying to measure your worth based on unrealistic targets of perfection, release your feelings of self-doubt, and awaken to the true story of your own AMAZINGness!

This event is a beautiful, honest reminder that ​none of us is alone​ and that our stories are each unique, valuable, and worthy of being shared.

Three ticket options to choose from to ‘Craft Your Personal Ticket’ on the Eventbrite registration page.

It’s a must-attend event.

Conference visionary and creator, Bonnie Milletto, is on a mission to create platforms that support others to rise.

Bonnie pours her heart into her career and those she comes in contact with. She has a way of connecting with others on a personal level as she strives to help reframe minds and perspectives. She brings positivity, joy and purpose into seemingly ordinary situations. You won’t want to miss this full-day experience she’s created for the amazing you that you are.

AmazingYOU Women’s Conference


VIRTUAL LIVE EVENT              October 2, 2020

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