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My journey to defeat the past and rebuild my life has produced essential human development success tools meant to be shared.

BELIEVEDrawing from my own personal experiences as they relate to growing up within the foster care system, the absence of my parents, scholastic and relationships struggles, and various other obstacles, I allow my life to be an “open book” filled with dynamic and inspiring messages that relate to many people across all generations.

I have spent most of my life helping others succeed, both personally and professionally. By overcoming my challenges and reinforcing the importance of personal leadership & lifelong learning, I empower young people, the adults in their lives, and the professionals who work with them to reach their full potential.

I’ve been there. It is possible to break the cycle of negative behaviors that holds students back; continuing on to hinder performance in their lives and the workplace.


From Stuck To Unstoppable

   A seven-day crash course to change the direction of your life: one key learning lesson, a real life story to reinforce the lesson and a call to action step for seven days.

I’ve been there – where they are right now.  I know what it’s like to live in regret and fear and feel powerless because of it.

Regardless of all the unique life experiences, this book will engage and empower youth to see beyond the stereotypes and self-imposed labels.

Each lesson will continue to peel away the layers of survival mode behaviors – denial, acting out, negative self-fulfilling prophecies, disengagement – and address underlying feelings that hinder forward progression.


Self-empowerment will come with the realization they have the power to change the words and stories they tell about themselves to reach their highest potential.

When we change our stories – our beliefs about our self, our past, and our present – we set the wheels in motion to change our lives.

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Release Date: September, 2017

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[heading subtitle=”You matter very much. Don’t ever give up.”]If you’re struggling right now, please know you’re not alone.[/heading]
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