Youth Advocacy

I Inspire and Empower Youth.

Drawing from my own personal experiences, defeating the past and rebuilding my life as they relate to growing up within the foster care system, the absence of my parents, scholastic and relationship struggles, I understand youth. I’ve been there. By overcoming my challenges and reinforcing the importance of personal leadership and lifelong learning, I empower young people, the adults in their lives and the professionals who work with them to reach their full potential.


Youth are not “At Risk, they are At Ready!”

Ready to Learn –

Relearn communication skills

Reconsider their self-perception

Recommit to loving themselves and becoming their own hero


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It is possible to break the cycle of negative self-defeating behaviors that holds students back; continuing on to hinder performance in their lives, relationships and the workplace.


From Stuck To Unstoppable 

The Book

A companion, take me with you book and a work book with built in pages for reflection and action steps.

The Program

Facilitators Curriculum, PowerPoint Curriculum outline, Inspiration Cards, Tips and more! Group awareness activities reinforce each lesson and invites a shift in thinking, specifically in the areas of interpersonal skills, the ability to manage and control emotions, communication skills, adaptability, knowing your worth and problem solving.

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Empower your audiences from a selection of customized packages. Seven consecutive 60-minute lessons, designed for students to work individually and in a group, with flexibility to deliver one lesson a day, or space them out each week to teach at your pace.

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Facilitator Curriculum, Training Packages For School Programs & Organizations
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​Phone: 1 (503) 932.4602

[heading subtitle=”You matter very much. Don’t ever give up.”]If you’re struggling right now, please know you’re not alone.[/heading]
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