Keynote speaker and author of the book,
Dedicated to the Cup: Nine Ways to Reinvent a Life!, 
Bonnie is the founder of Stephenson & Company, a Portland, Oregon based
consulting and speaking company.

Bonnie has a passion and a talent for storytelling.
Through stories and conversations, 
Bonnie is known to inspire teams and individuals
to improve communication, increase motivation
and oftentimes identify or reinvent their life purpose.
Her stories about incredible human potential will resonate
with the hearts and minds of your audience.

Stories help us connect in a way that all the charts, graphs, statistics, and bullet points in the world will never be able to do.

They make messages of the organization stick,
and help motivate us to act.

Her audience says Bonnie is captivating.

She has an energy that transforms the room the minute she walks into it.


The story is the voice of life
that calls us to come and learn.


Wait no longer.
Contact Bonnie today to find your inspiration.     


BONNIE MILLETTO | speaker | author | business consultant

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