Your greatest contribution may not be something you do, it may be someone you encourage… or someone you influence, mentor, or believe in. We are more powerful than we think.

Youth Advocacy

Like many people, I faced a few challenges growing up. Although all our journeys are unique, I believe that no matter where you come from or where you want to go, it is possible.

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Better leaders are key to productivity. Leadership is as much, if not more, about changing people and their lives as it is about increasing productivity and the bottom line.

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Women’s Leadership


Connecting women and encouraging personal development, career advancement and empowerment with life-changing experiences and events.

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A Little About Bonnie

One of Bonnie’s favorite questions to ask is:

“What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?”

Her answer became the catalyst to what she describes as her “break through moment when she made the choice to get out of her own way.

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Dedicated to the Cup: Nine Ways to Reinvent a Life!

Empowering collection of real-life stories from people who have prevailed through life’s challenges and setbacks to lead passionate, successful and engaging lives.

“Life is like a great cup of coffee, full of flavor and meant to savor.”

From 16 years in the foster care system and being labeled ‘at-risk,’ to a popular International Motivational Speaker and Author, Bonnie’s words will inspire you.

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