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Cultivating Positivity Through Gratitude

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When I need inspiration I take six minutes . . .

Six minutes to pause and find that thing that we are all hungry for: a sense of peace, abundance and gratitude. The value of counting our blessings is not a new concept. But for those of us who feel a bit hardened by life’s hardships, this moving piece by filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg inspires me on the days I need inspiration. Read More

Been There

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I promised in last month’s message to share a personal example of perseverance and not giving up when the going got tough. ​I am grateful for the track record of success and the reputation I have built as a positive influence​ on business success and a role model of encouragement for others to get out of their own way to live their best life.

Who I am today is not the woman I once was – living the seemingly perfect life, with the perfect job and behind the perfect smile, living in a web of fear, regret and worthlesness.

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Four Tips To Follow To Create A Better Life

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– To accept that our lives are a reflection of ourselves and work towards creating what we dream for.

– To look for solutions for our problems in our own lives instead of blaming others.

– To make a note of all the wonderful things – however small – that we have and be thankful for them.

– To appreciate what we have rather than complain about what we don’t have and more importantly, we must not lose what we do have trying to chase what we don’t.

I am truly grateful for my connections with all of you. Your encouragement motivates me. I do not take this for granted. Growing up in poverty grounds me and is a source of my motivation knowing that with grit and perseverance I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Next month I will share two examples of my perseverance and not giving up when the going got tough. Hey, it only took me two years longer than my intended goal, once I made the choice to get out of my own way.

I hope everyone has an amazing day!

Take Your Past and Define Your Path

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Throughout this adventure, people will give you advice and insights on how to live your life but when it all comes down to it, you must always do what you feel is right.

Always follow your heart, and most importantly never have any regrets.

Don’t hold anything back. Say what you want to say, and do what you want to do, because sometimes we don’t get a second chance to say or do what we should have the first time around.

It is often said that what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. It all depends on how one defines the word “strong.” It can have
different meanings to different people. In this writing, “stronger” means looking back at the person you were and comparing it to the person you have become today.

It also means looking deep into your soul and realizing that the person you are today couldn’t exist if it weren’t for the things that have happened in the past or for the people that you have met.

Everything that happens in our life happens for a reason and sometimes that means we must face heartaches in order to experience joy.

Five things that matter today

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I have learned many great lessons from the master teacher called Life, but even still I need a reminder to live for today. Here are five things that keep me in the moment.

1. There’s always time for what’s important—what matters most. What we do with each hour is up to us. We always say, “I don’t have enough time.” I believe that we always have enough time for who and what is important to us. We all have this chance, right now, to exercise our power of choice.

2. I am capable of more—stretching outside my comfort zone. When my thoughts go to “you can’t,” I stop and reexamine the thought. Fear, most likely has the loudest voice—if—I allow myself to hear and believe it.

3. Today is a special occasion. I’m using the china and crystal when I set the table. The scratches and chips are just a reminder of the memories made. I’m no longer focused on tangible things that I seldom touch. I care less about the material stuff and more about the love and lives that touch me.
4. You can make a habit of gratitude. Every day I say, “thank you” to remember how appreciative I am of everything that, and everyone who, brings me joy. Whether it’s writing in a gratitude journal, sending out a thankful note, or saying, “thank you” to people, there are countless ways to express appreciation and thankfulness.

5. We are not alone. We are all connected through our stories we share. Your experience matters more than you know, and sharing it could create the permission someone else needs to do the same. It’s that sharing of yourself that lets us all feel more connected.

These are my five things today. What keeps you in the moment? I would love to hear from you.

Smile, Happy Looks Good On You!

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Each time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain.

Psychology Today reveals:

How Smiling Affects Your Brain

Each time you smile you throw a little feel-good party in your brain. The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness. Read More

Encouragement: The Power Of Your Words

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Words are far more powerful than many of us realize. In fact our entire experience of reality is shaped by words. Try describing anything without words and you’ll see it’s nearly impossible. Reframing and rewriting the words I said to myself and about myself has been one of the biggest ‘ah-ha’ breakthroughs in overcoming my fears and has led to my success in business and life.

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Bring in the New!

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December is a time of festive holiday traditions, family and friends gathering, glistening lights and unexpected surprises.

For many it is also a time of reflection as well as celebration. A time to look back on the past year and all that has taken place in your life, remembering each experience for the good that has come of it and for the knowledge you have gained.

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Find Your Purpose, Live Longer

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Having a strong sense of purpose could add years to your life. According to a recent study published in Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, people who felt that their lives had meaning and that they had value to others were at a lower risk for heart disease. Among the common traits of people with a strong sense of purpose are vitality, motivation and resilience. The study helps open the door to new ways to promote health and well being.

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